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13 March 2024 by WTF Notebooks

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Welcome to the world of WTF Notebooks, where the art of corporate gifting takes a humorous twist. Whether you’re looking for merchandise for your team, branded giveaways for a workshop or conference, or some goodies as part of a welcome pack for a corporate event – you’re in the right place.

We’re no strangers to bulk orders, having provided funny and practical notebooks to large corporate customers such as Microsoft, Astra Zeneca, EHIR, and Wells Fargo, since our early days in 2020. Over the years we've continued to improve our ordering process to make it easy for you to place your order while benefiting from discounts that’ll make even your accountant grin.

In this article, we'll walk you through the exclusive benefits you’ll receive when ordering WTF Notebooks in bulk. Plus we’ll look at some of the features that make our notebooks the perfect choice for your corporate gifting needs. So, let's dive in and explore how we can elevate your gifting game with a dash of humor.

The benefits of bulk ordering

You may have already seen that we’re big on rewarding large orders: Our Bundle Discounts are designed for individual purchases and small to medium-sized business. These discounts apply automatically when you load up your cart, and they help you save up to 25% off all WTF Notebooks, no matter your customization choices.

While this provides great value when ordering anywhere from a handful of books to a few dozen, we’re delighted to offer even better deals on orders of 250 or more WTF Notebooks.

Click the headings below to read more about each of these benefits of bulk ordering:


Get a massive, custom discount on your order, tailored to the size of your order.

Notebook titles:

Pick from our range or create a custom, funny title.

Notebook types:

Choose from three different notebook types to match the intended use case.

Cover colors:

Select from 16 cover colors or use your own brand color.

Inside pages:

Mix and match your choices of six different inside pages.

Logo add-on:

Add your logo to the back cover for a truly branded corporate gift.

Mock-up approval:

Get complimentary creation of your custom notebook print files, and digital mock-ups for your approval before print.

Free shipping:

Enjoy free shipping to any US address that is able to receive pallets or multiple packages.

Free shipping insurance:

For peace of mind, we'll throw in complimentary shipping insurance, in case anything goes wrong during delivery.

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail:


When you get in touch with our support team, let us know how many WTF Notebooks you’re after. We’ll then work out a custom, special discount and give you a breakdown of unit prices for your desired notebook types.

These savings are not available in our Bundle Discounts, so you’ll be guaranteed to get an even better deal.

A stack of funny corporate notebooks

Notebook titles

Unlike when ordering from our website, we give bulk customers two choices: Pick one (or more) of our hilarious notebook titles on offer, or create your very own from scratch.

To see what we’ve got in store for you, or if you’re simply looking for inspiration, check out our massive range of more than 200 titles – or browse our categories. If you’d prefer to scroll through an overview of all available notebook titles, we’ve got you covered with our alphabetical list.

A personalized WTF Notebook title at a corporate event

Custom titles:

If none of them float your boat and you want to take advantage of the exclusive chance to give your notebooks a personalized twist, you’re welcome to craft your own funny title to grace the front cover of each notebook. Just keep it snappy, around 10 to 12 words to make sure it fits snuggly on the cover. And while we encourage creativity, we do ask that custom titles maintain a sense of humor that aligns with the playful spirit of WTF Notebooks. After all, our mission is to spread laughter!

Notebook types

We provide three notebook types, varying in aspects such as size and binding style: When ordering 250 or more notebooks, the choice is all yours, and you can mix and match the types as you please.

Our recommendation:

For a more elevated and professional look we recommend our mid-range option, the compact hardcovers, to corporate customers, since this notebook type features a sturdy case-wrapped cover your gift recipients will love.

Two WTF Notebooks stacked, one titled
A young woman smiling and holding two WTF Notebooks

Cover colors

With more colors than the rainbow, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to giving your WTF Notebooks a nice coating. We offer 16 different “off the rack” cover colors for both the front and back covers of your notebooks.

Custom WTF Notebooks cover colors:

But if you’re feeling fancy, here’s another way to customize your corporate gift with a more personal touch: As a bulk customer you’re welcome to bring your own custom color into the mix, perfectly in sync with your company’s brand identity.

Simply toss us those CMYK values, or alternatively provide us with RGB values and HEX colors to match your preference. If you're not quite fluent in color lingo, share a color sample file for our reference.

Just make sure your color plays nicely with white text, and remember, a little ink can have a mind of its own, so slight color deviations may occur.

Inside pages

Depending on the time of year, we offer up to six different inside page options to suit your needs:

A close-up of WTF Notebooks college-ruled inside pages


Perfect for jotting down important notes at home or in meetings.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks gridded inside pages


Ideal for creating precise sketches, diagrams, and organized layouts with ease.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks dotted inside pages


Perfect for bullet journaling, sketching, or organizing thoughts creatively.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks blank inside pages


A blank canvas for ideas, sketches, or doodles, allowing for total creative freedom.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks Annual Planner inside pages

Annual Planner:

Stay organized year-round with dedicated sections for daily and yearly planning, as well as all US federal holidays.

A close-up of WTF Notebooks Academic Planner inside pages

Academic Planner:

Tailored for students and educators, featuring academic calendars and plenty of space for notes.

For a closer look at the options currently available, check our product details page.

Logo add-on

At WTF Notebooks, we know how important branding is, and it’s not something we’d want to deny our corporate customers. That’s why we're thrilled to give you the chance to feature your company logo on the back cover – yet another bulk-exclusive customization option.

And this isn’t limited to business logos either. If your order is for an event like a wedding, trade show or expo, you’re free to use whatever emblem or symbol will provide value to your custom gift. Just provide us with the files and our design team will incorporate it on the back cover. Get in touch to learn about file format requirements and for more information about this optional add-on.

The back of a WTF Notebook showing a custom company logo at a corporate event

Mock-up approval

If you're going to dive into any of the "bulk order only" goodies above, our in-house design wizards will custom-create your notebook files and serve them up as digital mock-ups for your approval. We won’t print anything until you’re satisfied.

Once you're doing the happy dance with those mock-ups, we'll shoot you a link to your pre-loaded cart on our website. No digging through our site – your notebooks are just a click away.

Free shipping

Shipping multiple boxes of notebooks isn’t cheap, but you won’t have to worry about that because we're picking up the tab for shipping across the US. Because sometimes big orders have to be shipped on pallets, we only ask that you provide a shipping address that is able to receive large orders.

You’ll get a tracking number once your order takes off from our production hub near Salt Lake City, UT, so that you’ll be able to track your delivery right to your doorstep.

A blue WTF Notebook titled
A black WTF Notebook titled

Free shipping insurance

Last but not least, we want to make sure that your order gets to you without a scratch. Because the shipping process itself is provided by third party carriers, we cannot personally keep an eye on each notebook. Should there be any issues that occurred during shipping, we’ve got you covered with complimentary shipping insurance.

Your journey to personalized corporate gifts begins here

If you're ready to elevate your corporate gifting game and explore the possibilities with WTF Notebooks, we invite you to get in touch with our dedicated support team. Whether you have questions or are ready to initiate the ordering process, your journey to unique, playful, and practical business gifts is only one inquiry away.

To get started, head over to our corporate page, scroll to the contact form and shoot us a message. A member of our bulk order team will hook you up with a custom discount and our bulk order info pack.

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