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Ready to score some serious savings? No pre-made bundles or restrictions, just pick and choose as many of our WTF Notebooks as your heart desires. Sweet discounts and shipping deals will automatically apply to your cart when you hit the magic numbers of 3, 6, or 10 books.

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No pre-set bundles

We believe in giving you the freedom to express yourself, no matter how weird or inappropriate your chioces may be. 

That’s why we don’t do pre-set bundles, we leave it all up to you! A snarky book for your doodles? We gotcha. How about a profanity-laced planner? Yup, we’ve got that too. And when you’ve picked out your favorites, our Bundle Discounts will kick in automatically.

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Gifting: WTF Notebooks make the perfect gift. And don't worry, we never include any indication of the price in our parcels.

Buying in bulk?

WTF Notebooks aren’t just for individuals. They're also an excellent corporate gift and always a hit with businesses, event planners, and other fancy-pants folks. So if you’re looking to spread some joy amongst your staff, clients, or event attendees, we’ve got you covered.

Just give us a holler if you’re ordering 250 or more notebooks, and we’ll work our magic to tailor a custom package for you.

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A customer holding his blue WTF Notebook titled 'Times I was right and nobody listened'
A happy customer holding her red WTF Notebook titled 'List of people who have wasted my time'
A happy customer holding her pink WTF Notebook 'Inappropriate comments to make in serious situations'
A happy customers holding three WTF Notebooks, with the first one titled 'My list of things I was right about'