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The name says it all

At WTF Notebooks, we’re not afraid to push the envelope. With enough sarcasm and bad dad jokes to keep you giggling through even the toughest of times, we’re here to spread joy like it’s going out of style. WTF Notebooks is not your average stationery company. Our name says it all.

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100% relatable

From people who have wasted your time, to meetings that should have been emails, we tackle those everyday situations that make you want to scream into a pillow. But don’t worry, we’re not here to commiserate – we’re here to make you chuckle!

WTF Notebooks turn those pesky problems upside down and give them the hilarious notebook titles they deserve. Because who says you can’t laugh at your own misery?

Comic relief, one notebook at a time

If laughter is the best medicine, WTF Notebooks is your trusted chemist. Whether you’re slogging through another day at the office or just having a bad hair day, we’ve got the perfect antidote to your misery – in fact, we’ve got hundreds of them!

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Founding year

Founded during a mysterious global toilet paper shortage

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Printed in the US and UK – spreading fun on both sides of the Atlantic

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Notebook titles

Proudly offering more punchlines than the average boxing match

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More than quarter of a million happy customers and counting

Laughing in the face of adversity

When the dreaded COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world in 2020, two mischievous individuals felt that it was time to inject some much-needed humor into the gloom and doom. Like the rest of us, Jo and Dee were thrown into the lockdown mosh pit, while the rise of global anxiety and the emergence of work-from-home culture added a whole new dimension of difficulties to offices around the world.

Dedicated to bringing fun and laughter back into people’s lives, the pair began to label a series of notebooks with tongue-in-cheek titles that were guaranteed to make even the grumpiest colleague laugh. And just like that, WTF Notebooks was born.

Spreading like wildfire on a hot summer’s day, WTF Notebooks quickly became the leading distributor of quality stationery with a comedic twist. To date, we have made hundreds of thousands of customers laugh with our funny, practical and customizable journals. With production lines on both sides of the pond, we’re bringing the funny to folks across North America and Europe.

Our repertoire of notebook titles is expanding faster than a balloon at a birthday party – and we won't stop pumping out new, hilarious and relatable titles until everyone has found their soulmate notebook that makes them chuckle.

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The perfect hilarious birthday gift: WTF Notebooks

Let's spread some fun

It's time to say goodbye to boring, old notebooks and step up your note-taking game. Join the fun, start browsing our titles now and order your custom printed WTF Notebook today – and let's spread some serious fun!

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A customer holding his blue WTF Notebook titled 'Times I was right and nobody listened'
A happy customer holding her red WTF Notebook titled 'List of people who have wasted my time'
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A happy customers holding three WTF Notebooks, with the first one titled 'My list of things I was right about'