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Prepare to be blown away by the shenanigans and giggles that our WTF Notebooks bring to the table! Don't believe us? Just ask our thrilled customers, sassy magazine writers, and even the odd celebrity. Here's a small taste of juicy praise that got slung our way!

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The horrible things they say about us

I enjoyed the experience from beginning to end! The titles are witty and had me laughing the entire time I was shopping. I got so many comments on the first two I purchased, I bought more as gifts. Great product that brings a smile every time you use it. Great customer service too!! I will definitely purchase again.

Jen L. (United States)
Feb 19, 2023, via Trustpilot

Jul 31, 2022, via Instagram

I know you’re jealous of my new @wtfnotebooks. And you should be, because they’re fucking awesome. 🙌🏻😊

#MyNotebooksAreCoolerThanYours #MakeWorkFun #FuckingBrilliantIdeas #ShitIHaveToRemember

When I discover a new favorite product out there - can't help but spread the word and this one does not disappoint! I have stock piled some books to always have on hand as gifts to clients. The idea is simple but the ideas are incredibly funny and irreverent.

You won't be disappointed!

Monica (United States)
Mar 22, 2023, via Trustpilot

Products are top quality and delivered on time. Best part is that there is a huge variety of hilarious titles so I can pick one to match each person perfectly! These notebooks are ALWAYS a huge hit. I've used them for employees, and now they will be stocking stuffers for my adult kids. Can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning!

Jenny F. (United States)
Dec 5, 2022, via Trustpilot

Good quality and well printed! Gets lots of laughs and second looks!

Dec 29, 2022, via Shop app

Dec 9, 2022, via Instagram

Loving the notebooks my sister sent us for Christmas!#wtfnotebooks #funnynotebooks

I am the lead special education teacher of an autism program in a public school elementary. We LOVE our kids but it’s an extremely stressful job. In order to survive, we have to rely on each other….and laugh, A LOT! With your notebooks, I was able to provide each member of my team an individualized notebook. Your notebooks helped us build team camaraderie AND help us not lose our mother loving minds. I will be ordering my team your notebooks every year. An additional benefit is the rest of our school staff are jealous of our super awesome notebooks!! Thank you!!

Teacher on the edge (United States)
Dec 4, 2022, via Trustpilot

Fun and sassy quotes that apply and appeal to so many of my friends and coworkers - makes for great "personalized" gifts! I also love giving gifts that are useful, and won't just sit around collecting dust, so these are perfect. A little pricey for notebooks, but supporting small businesses and receiving a quality product makes it worthwhile!

MLR (United States)
Jan 21, 2022, via Trustpilot

Marian (United Kingdom)
Jun, 2021, via Facebook

I bought all the members of my Book Club one of your notebooks, with titles based on things they do or things that have happened to them!

The Book Club Babes loved them. Thank you #wtfnotebooks

So pleased with my first order (Christmas 2020) that I just placed my second order for Christmas 2021.

Quality is phenomenal; love the color and paper choices. The more you order, the larger the discount. The very best thing is there is an unique saying available for everyone on your Christmas list.

Wild Child (United States)
Oct 26, 2021, via Trustpilot

I think the titles on these notebooks are hysterical. They have made great gifts for all occasions for family and friends. Shipping is fast and they are individually wrapped so pages don't get bent. Just the best.

Renee A. (United States)
Feb 12, 2023, via Trustpilot

Love these notebooks and planners! The titles are fun, and the quality is great. This is the second year I'm buying notebooks for my work team and a calendar/planner for myself. Customer service is excellent!

Kim J. (United States)
Oct 31, 2022, via Trustpilot

Just picked a bunch to keep on hand for upcoming birthdays, etc. Easy to find one to fit anyone!

Cristina S. (United States)
Mar 8, 2023, via Trustpilot

These were a hit as office gifts. Great quality!

Marjorie (United States)
Dec 23, 2022, via Shop app

We love these notebooks! The notebooks are great but the wonderful reactions when we use them has sent many more orders for the notebooks. We just made another order for gifts for clients. Keep them coming!

Donna O. (United States)
Jan 20, 2023, via Trustpilot

Mar 20, 2022, via Instagram

Are your Team Meetings this much fun?! Happy Friday Y’all! ☘️🎉😆 [...]

These make a nice, customizable gift. The covers are fun and the choice of binding and paper make it unique.

I think it might be a little smaller than what I expected. (I know dimensions were given on the order)

Dec 28, 2022, via Shop app

I have one of these every year due to working in a secure treatment facility and no phones allowed, I need a paper planner! Love the witty sayings, leaning towards the safe for work type, otherwise I'd get the super funny ones that could get me fired!

Well made, sturdy. Lasts the entire year in my lunch bag.

Nov 1, 2022, via Shop app

Jun 17, 2021, via Instagram

What do you get your husband for your 20th wedding anniversary? A @wtfnotebooks so he can keep track. 🤣 #WTFNotebooks

I love these notebooks. I just placed my third (or fourth?) order and I cannot wait for them to arrive. The quality is excellent, the titles are hilarious, the options of page style is so helpful (the gridded are the best!), and the colors are super fun. I filled up "My list of bodies I've buried in the woods" and "Reasons I don't play well with others" and I love to hold up my "I have no idea what I'm going" notebook when people ask me a question. They are fantastic notebooks all around.

Abbie L. (United States)
Jan 12, 2022, via Trustpilot

I have one of these every year due to working in a secure treatment facility and no phones allowed, I need a paper planner! Love the witty sayings, leaning towards the safe for work type, otherwise I'd get the super funny ones that could get me fired!

Well made, sturdy. Lasts the entire year in my lunch bag.

Nov 1, 2022, via Shop app

Just placed my 4th order of Notebooks! These notebooks have provided laughs to myself and the people I have gifted them to. The quality is great and the titles are so relatable!

Megan A. (United States)
Feb 5, 2022, via Trustpilot

Five WTF Notebooks leaned up against a pot plantA black WTF Notebook titled
A woman holding her WTF Notebook titled


Kati Hoeschen, Staff Content Designer at Shopify, says, “The notebooks feature droll, relatable statements — and their offering of options allows discerning note-takers to get exactly the notebook they need.”


When relationship expert Rachel DeAlto (famously known from shows like Married at First Sight, Kate+Date, and Kiss Bang Love) asked us to provide a series of special edition WTF Notebooks as part of a swag bag for her new book "relatable", we couldn't resist.

Her reaction to the goodies? – "These are so. freaking. amazing. I LOVE all of them".

Learn more
Rachel DeAlto holding two of her WTF Notebooks

Photo credit: Rachel DeAlto

Rachel DeAlto surrounded by WTF NotebooksA WTF Notebook titled

Photo credit: Daily Mom


The lifestyle online magazine Daily Mom says, "These clever and funny WTF Notebooks, say what we are all thinking. [...]"

"There are plenty of punny notebooks, you could find one for all your friends and family."

"WTF Notebooks perfectly sum up our thoughts on life and work"

says Diply author Danielle Broadway in this article, and calls our notebooks "just tear-ably hilarious!"

"Shut up and take my money!"

says HuffPost in an article featuring WTF Notebooks as a weird Father's Day gift.

"Your perfect present is just a click away!"

says the Daily Mail in an article featuring WTF Notebooks as gifts to honor your own amazingness on Valentine's Day.

Look mom, we’re famous!

Here’s a small selection of media outlets that have called us anything from ‘hilarious’ to ‘weird’.

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A customer holding his blue WTF Notebook titled 'Times I was right and nobody listened'
A happy customer holding her red WTF Notebook titled 'List of people who have wasted my time'
A happy customer holding her pink WTF Notebook 'Inappropriate comments to make in serious situations'
A happy customers holding three WTF Notebooks, with the first one titled 'My list of things I was right about'