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Make your friends laugh out loud or add some fun and sarcasm to your workplace with a hilarious WTF Notebook. From funny and sarcastic journals to truly inappropriate gifts—customize any title to suit your personality and level of sarcasm. And if you can't decide on a favorite, we offer sweet bundle discounts, and free shipping to the USA and Canada. Happy browsing!
WTF Notebooks: Safe & innocent | Funny notebooks USA

Safe & innocent

No sarcasm, no bluntness, no profanity—just pure, innocent, humorous notebooks.

WTF Notebooks: Laugh out loud | Funny & sarcastic notebooks USA

Laugh out loud

These hilarious and slightly sarcastic notebooks will guarantee you laughs and giggles.

WTF Notebooks | (Not safe) for work | Funny office stationery USA

(Not safe) for work

A happy workplace is a productive workplace, so we're doing our bit to make yours happier.

WTF Notebooks: Bold & sassy notebooks & journals USA

Bold & sassy

How much sass can you handle? Find out with these potty-mouthed notebook titles.

WTF Notebooks: Ruuude! | Inappropriate gifts & notebooks USA


The rudest, most inappropriate notebooks, riddled with profanity and swear words.

WTF Notebooks: Extra saucy | Funny adult notebooks USA

Extra saucy

All the Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll you can fit on a notebook cover. Think you can handle it?

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