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Corporate gifts are a great way to show appreciation to staff and clients. But before you reach for that cliché paper weight or the pretentious bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, why not take an unexpected approach that shows off your personality and sense of humor? Cue WTF Notebooks…

A team of healthcare workers holding their funny corporate gifts: WTF Notebooks
A collection of corporate gifts, with WTF Notebooks as the perfect funny business present
A very happy office worker holding up her WTF Notebook titled

From our office to yours

Guess what… Even executives in the corporate world have cracked a smile or two, and recognized the value of injecting a little humor into the workplace. WTF Notebooks have brazenly infiltrated the poshest offices, universities, and business events around the globe. We won’t brag with names, but let’s just say if you haven’t heard of our biggest enterprise customers, you must be living under a rock.

Our journals have proven hundreds of times to be the ultimate corporate gift for any occasion:

Whether as a holiday gift, to show appreciation, or to shamelessly promote your brand, printing on demand means that we can supply in bulk, no matter how big your team or client base.

Small and medium sized businesses will love our Bundle Discounts saving you up 25% on your order, no matter your choices of titles and customization options. And for those mega-corporations with more employees than a clown car – get in touch via the form below, as we’ve got you covered with custom designs and discounts so big, your accountants will be giggling all the way to the bank.

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Work hard – play hard

When choosing a corporate gift, you want to strike the right balance between amusing and professional. Playfulness is great, but you also don’t want to come off as a total goofball.

While some of our notebook titles are NSFW, we also offer a massive range of humorous, yet work appropriate, gift ideas.

A pink WTF Notebook titled
An open WTF Notebook with A happy business man holding his WTF Notebook gift
A pink WTF Notebook in a gift giving settingA close-up of two black WTF Notebooks, looking professional and corporate
The back of a custom WTF Notebook

Tailored to your business

If you’re looking to buy a few dozen WTF Notebooks, be sure to check out our Bundle Discounts.

For orders of 250 or more, don’t hesitate to contact us for custom discounts, as well as some serious customization add-ons: create your own title, add your logo, and even use your brand colors.

Like a tailored suit, but for notebooks.

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Quality is no joke to us

Don't let the playful name fool ya, because when it comes to quality, we mean business.

To ensure that every journal is in top-notch shape before it leaves our US production house, we've assembled a team of printing and bookbinding gurus who truly know their stuff. In addition, we exclusively rely on high-grade paper and materials that come from sustainable sources.

So rest assured, our commitment to quality is as solid as a well-crafted punchline.

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WTF Notebooks:
The perfect corporate gift

WTF Notebooks icon: Practical gift


Notebooks are useful corporate gifts that won't just collect dust – people actually use them.

WTF Notebooks icon: Lighthearted gift


Show off your casual side by inserting a bit of humor into your corporate gifts to clients and staff.

WTF Notebooks icon: Affordable gift


Big team? No problem. Our Bundle Discounts reward bulk orders with massive savings.

WTF Notebooks icon: Made in the USA

Made in the US

All WTF Notebooks are printed to customer order specifications in Salt Lake City, UT.

"Love these notebooks and planners! The titles are fun, and the quality is great. This is the second year I'm buying notebooks for my work team and a calendar/planner for myself. Customer service is excellent!"

Kim J.

Public Trustpilot review

"With your notebooks, I was able to provide each member of my team an individualized notebook. Your notebooks helped us build team camaraderie AND help us not lose our mother loving minds."

Teacher on the edge

Public Trustpilot review

"I was looking for a suitable product to give to new prospects during consultation. WTF Notebooks provide everything you want from such a product. They are like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy boardroom."

Dave R.

via email

"Ordered 2022 planners for my team in our company color and a tame but funny phrase about meetings. The order came in the time promised and love the quality. This was my second order from this company and I can see more orders in my future!"

Michelle S.

Public Trustpilot review

A quirky office receptionist notebook titled
A lighthearted work notebook titled
A WTF Notebook titled
A fun corporate gift: A notebook titled
A funny retirement gift titled
A WTF Notebook titled
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A customer holding his blue WTF Notebook titled 'Times I was right and nobody listened'
A happy customer holding her red WTF Notebook titled 'List of people who have wasted my time'
A happy customer holding her pink WTF Notebook 'Inappropriate comments to make in serious situations'
A happy customers holding three WTF Notebooks, with the first one titled 'My list of things I was right about'