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Sending more than three WTF Notebooks to multiple different addresses? You've probably realized that Bundle Discounts don't apply.

Don't worry, there's a workaround using our electronic gift cards above, and we'll tell you exactly how it's done. Scroll down and follow the steps to ship directly to your pals and still get our irresistible Bundle Discounts*

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Here's how it works:

Step 1: Select gift cards

Before you begin, it's a good idea to note down how many WTF Notebooks you want to order, and which notebook types you've selected (compact softcover, compact hardcover, or large softcover).

Now come back to this page and add the respective gift card values to your cart. Make sure you add one gift card for every notebook you plan to customize later.

Step 2: Order gift cards

Once your cart contains more than 3 gift cards, you'll see that Bundle Discounts automatically apply. Go ahead and place your order of gift cards – and have them emailed to your email address.

Although you get a discount on your order, the gift cards themselves still hold the full amount of credit. For example: 3 gift cards of $17.99 each will give you a 10% discount at checkout, but each gift card code still holds $17.99 worth of credit.

Step 3: Order your notebooks

Now that you've received the gift card codes, you can customize and place your individual notebook orders, using the gift card codes provided to use your credit to purchase the notebooks.

As you place these individual orders, enter the respective shipping addresses, so the right notebook is being shipped to the right person.

*Important note:

Only the percentage discount of the respective Bundle Discount applies. Since you're shipping to different addresses, you'll have to pay shipping for each individual order.

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