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We absolutely love the community surrounding WTF Notebooks! With more than 15,000 customers across the world we can't help but get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time we receive some lovely customer feedback or see hilarious photos shared with our hashtag #wtfnotebooks.

See what customers had to say about WTF Notebooks:

WTF Notebooks review

“I ordered Brilliant Ideas I Had While Drinking Wine for my daughter and she loves it. She plans to use it as a journal for her wine tastings. Thanks”

– Michelle (via Facebook)

WTF Notebooks review

“Thank you, I got all 14 books and I’m sending them out to my team today. They will be over the moon. Thank you for the excellent customer service

– Melanie (via email)

WTF Notebooks review

“I ordered one for my daughter as a Covid quarantine pick-me-up. It shipped supper fast and it made her laugh. excellent product.”

– Stacy (via Facebook)

WTF Notebooks review

“Super Cute! It is the perfect size and exactly what I expected when I ordered. Shipping was quick and it came in a sturdy package as to not damage it during shipping. I would not hesitate to order more as gifts.”

– Leanne (via Facebook)

WTF Notebooks review

“I ordered ‘Meetings that could have been e-mails’ and it was a hit in the office!

– Mark (via email)

WTF Notebooks review

These are quality notebooks, paper, spiral, and covers [...]. The titles are clever offering self entertainment and are subtle ways to be a bit of a rebel without too much attention. I bought 4, and started each one with a dated note about how the notebook was for my entertainment and that no one asked or demanded the casual observer to read it. These do make great journals. This is writing to soothe the spirit and restore personal well being.”

– Kay (via Facebook)

WTF Notebooks review

“I bought one for a friend and just got it a couple days ago... I love it! I'm sure I'll order one for myself in the near future”

– Jenna (via Facebook)

WTF Notebooks review

“Haha, I thought my boss would hate me for bringing this into work but she loved the notebook, too

– Jeni (via Messenger)

WTF Notebooks review

“I absolutely love the quality and quirkiness of your notebooks.”

– Laurie (via email)