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Media kit: A close-up of a WTF Notebook titled
Media kit: A WTF Notebook titled
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From spreading viruses...

When 2020 rolled out its gloomy red carpet, smiles were harder to find than toilet paper. So, we decided to crawl off the lockdown couch and create a product so amusing, it'd make even the grumpiest conspiracy theorist crack a smile.

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Like a viral meme in the age of lockdowns, WTF Notebooks quickly infiltrated even the poshest homes and offices. Today, we reign supreme in the realm of quality stationery with a comedic twist, making waves across the US, Canada, and Europe.

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A softcover WTF Notebook titled
A hardcover WTF Notebook titled
A softcover WTF Notebook titled
A hardcover WTF Notebook titled
A softcover WTF Notebook titled

Who we are

WTF Notebooks is where humor meets paper! We're the rebels of the stationery world, splashing sarcasm and wit on every cover. Our notebooks aren't just tools – they're a lifestyle, a statement, and possibly the number one reason to be sent to the H.R. department.

Since our inception in 2020, more than 300,000 customers have dared to be bold by customizing their very own WTF Notebooks as conversation starters, holiday and corporate gifts, and well, notebooks.

Our mission is simple: Spread laughter like it's confetti. Because let's be honest, we could all do with a little bit more humor in our lives – whether we're doodling in a meeting, daydreaming in class, or spicing up our grocery lists with a side of sass.

More about us

As unique as a unicorn in a business suit

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With more than 200 hilarious and relatable titles to choose from, there is at least one title for everyone.

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Each title can be customized with unique choices of binding, color, and inside pages.

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Printed in the US

All orders placed in the US and Canada are printed by our production team near Salt Lake City, UT.

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Affordable gifts

Far from mere dust collectors, WTF Notebooks are practical, affordable gifts with a funny twist.

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Our bestselling titles

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A bestselling WTF Notebook titled
A bestselling WTF Notebook titled
A bestselling WTF Notebook titled
A bestselling WTF Notebook titled
A bestselling WTF Notebook titled

I just LOVE these books! The covers express what many of us are thinking but maybe not verbally saying. And I chose the covers for those close to my heart who would actually SAY what's printed there. I bought them for the holidays....and can't wait to see their reaction! :-)

Tom (United States)
Nov 5, 2023, via Trustpilot

Great gifts for others and yourself. Fun titles and good quality. I can never resist getting one for myself when looking for a gift for someone else. they can be addictive!

Adriene (United States)
Oct 13, 2023, via Trustpilot

These were a hit as office gifts. Great quality!

Marjorie (United States)
Dec 23, 2022, via Shop app

I love these notebooks! Witty, sarcastic humor full of cuss words is right up my alley! I get these for friends and colleagues every year! [...]

April Y. (United States)
Oct 16, 2023, via Trustpilot

I think the titles on these notebooks are hysterical. They have made great gifts for all occasions for family and friends. Shipping is fast and they are individually wrapped so pages don't get bent. Just the best.

Renee A. (United States)
Feb 12, 2023, via Trustpilot

These notebooks are my go-to gifts for friends, family, and myself! Hilarious and very well made! Love the bundle pricing discounts and shipping has always been great. I love these notebooks!!

Cindy (United States)
Sep 29, 2023, via Trustpilot

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Media kit: A woman holding her WTF Notebook and laughing hysterically
Media kit: A green WTF Notebook next to a cup of coffeeMedia kit: A close-up of WTF Notebooks inside pages


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A happy customers holding three WTF Notebooks, with the first one titled 'My list of things I was right about'