Ditch the registry: Elevate your wedding gift game with WTF Notebooks


23 June 2024 by WTF Notebooks

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So, you’ve got a wedding to attend? And you're racking your brain trying to come up with a wedding gift that isn't just another slow cooker or a set of towels. Well, despair no more, because we've got the perfect, quirky solution for you – a wedding gift to remember: WTF Notebooks. Yes, you heard that right. These cheeky little notebooks are here to rescue you from the abyss of clichéd wedding gifts and make you the MVP of gift-giving.

Get ready to watch newlyweds giggle, blush, and genuinely appreciate a gift that’s as unique as they are. Because, let’s be honest, the best gifts are the ones that come with a side of laughter.

Fast facts: Gifting WTF Notebooks

Unique gifts are often more memorable and cherished

Customized gifts show thoughtfulness and effort

Funny gifts can lighten the mood and reduce wedding stress

Couples often appreciate gifts that reflect their personalities

Humor can strengthen relationships and create lasting memories

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Customized and hilarious: A match made in gift heaven

Why stick with the boring old registry when you can bring some personality into the mix? Imagine the bride and groom's faces when they unwrap a notebook titled “My list of things my wife was right about" or “Dumb things I did without thinking them through". Trust us, this is the stuff wedding legends are made of!

A funny wedding gift, a WTF Notebook titled

Consequences of my actions

If you (and the lucky couple) like to indulge in a bit of dark humor, this title is a beautifully sinister example of a WTF Notebook. It's a funny reminder of the consquences one must face after saying saying those two fateful words, "I do."

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Things my husband doesn't know

They say, you don't ever really know anyone. Even after the wedding vows, there are still some mysteries left unsolved. This funny wedding gift idea is a playful tribute to those little secrets that make married life so intriguing.

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A funny wedding gift, a WTF Notebook titled

My list of bodies I buried in the woods

And if you want to go a step further, this bestselling WTF Notebook title is the next-level homage to those little secrets. A wedding gift that will guarantee laughs and looks.

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A funny wedding gift, a WTF Notebook titled

Chores he still hasn't done yet

For those who believe that marriage will miraculously transform their partner into a domestic superhero, this notebook is a hilarious reality check. It’s the perfect gift for couples who know that even the power of love can’t conquer procrastination.

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A funny wedding gift, a WTF Notebook titled

Things I can’t say out loud

Let them master the art of discretion with this delightfully cheeky wedding gift, the ideal outlet for those thoughts better kept to oneself. Perfect for navigating awkward in-law encounters or gracefully accepting yet another wedding blender

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A funny wedding gift, a WTF Notebook titled

Dreams that got crushed when I had kids

Of course, we'd be remiss not to mention the (future) offspring... A bit cheeky, sure, but isn’t honesty the best policy? It’s a fantastic way to reminisce about past ambitions while celebrating the beautiful chaos of parenthood.

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Things I wish I could say to my mother-in-law

And let's not forget about the brave soul who decided to marry into the family. This hilarious wedding gift is the perfect place to vent about those unsolicited recipe tips or the 'harmless' comments on their interior decor skills. With this notebook, they can keep the peace while keeping their sanity.

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Breaking the mold: Creative gifts for modern couples

WTF Notebooks aren’t your run-of-the-mill paper and binding combination. Oh, no. Nothing says true love like a little sprinkle of humor and a dash of sarcasm, and that's why we think these have got to be the best wedding gifts ever! 

Not only will the happy couple chuckle while unwrapping their gifts, but they'll also appreciate the practical side. Need a place to jot down those honeymoon plans? Got it. Emergency doodle pad for late-night Pictionary challenges? Covered. A journal for plotting world domination together? Absolutely.

Trust us, these just aren't notebooks. They're conversation starters, memory makers, and a sure-fire way to inject a little fun into their day-to-day. So, skip the registry for a hot minute and mix a few WTF Notebooks amongst your wedding gifts, because love may be eternal... but a good laugh can last just as long.

Ordinary is overrated

WTF Notebooks are here to make you laugh out loud. Custom-printed to order, they are the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers or yourself. Say goodbye to boring notebooks and hello to WTF Notebooks!

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