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7 July 2024 by WTF Notebooks

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Finding the perfect office gift can be challenging. On the one hand, you want something that's fun and memorable, but on the other hand the "gag gift" also shouldn't become another dust catcher.

Don't worry, we've got you covered with funny journals and gag gifts that will liven up your office. At WTF Notebooks you'll find hundreds of fun choices for your team that will make them laugh out loud, while also being practical in everyday work life.

Why choose gag gifts for the office?

Gag gifts are a fantastic way to inject some humor into the daily grind. They can help break the ice, lighten the mood, and even serve as conversation starters. Here are a few reasons why gag gifts, especially funny notebooks and journals, are the best choice for the office:

Jokes can make people smile and laugh, reducing stress and creating a positive work atmosphere. A funny gift can help with this.

Customized gifts show that you have thoughtfully chosen something that matches the recipient's personality and sense of humor.

Unlike typical office supplies, gag gifts from WTF Notebooks are memorable and leave a lasting impression.

As a co-worker or team leader, gag gifts are fantastic way to show that you're not a stiff suit but you appreicate humor, even at work.

Nobody can deny the practical use of the good old fashioned notebook – so why not add some fun to it?

Top picks for office gifts from WTF Notebooks

If you're in search of the perfect journals for work that double as inappropriate gag gifts, look no further. Here are some of our top picks that will surely become the talk of the office:

Funny office gag gift

Meetings that could have been emails

Perfect for that colleague who constantly complains about pointless meetings. This journal makes a funny and practical gift for jotting down meeting notes – or doodles during lengthy, unnecessary calls.

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Funny office gag gift

My research into working alongside a bunch of morons

We all have those days when we feel like we're the only sane person in the room. This notebook is a humorous nod to those moments, making it an ideal office gift.

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Funny office gag gift

Smart things I'm going to say later

Ever had a brilliant comeback long after the moment has passed? This journal is perfect for jotting down all those witty remarks you think of later.

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Hilarious gag gift for co-workers

Doodles I drew during important work meetings

This notebook is perfect for office artists who enjoy doodling. It helps them remember their creative moments in boring meetings.

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Gag gifts for work:

Inappropriate comments to make in serious situations

This one is for the cheeky co-worker who always has a snarky remark at the ready. An ideal, inappropriate gag gift that they'll treasure.

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Gag gifts for every occasion

Gag gifts aren't just for the office. They can be the perfect addition to birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. Here are a few more humorous journals from WTF Notebooks that make great gifts for any occasion:

Hilarious gag gifts from WTF Notebooks:

Brilliant ideas I had while drinking wine

Ideal for the wine lover in your life who believes that the best ideas come from a glass of vino.

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A joke gift notebook, titled

List of people who underestimated me and how that worked out for them

This is a fantastic gag gift for someone who loves to prove others wrong and has a great sense of humor about it.

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A funny office gag gift,

Reasons why I should never be put on speakerphone

Perfect for that friend who has a knack for saying the most unpredictable things during phone calls.

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A hilarious gag gift, WTF Notebook titled

Things I can put off until tomorrow

For those who live by the motto "Tomorrow is another day", this journal is the perfect outlet.

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How to choose the perfect gag gift

When selecting the perfect gag gift, consider the recipient's personality, taste, and sense of humor. Here are a few tips for getting "gag-gifting" right:

Know your audience:
Ensure the humor aligns with the recipient's tastes. What might be hilarious to one person could be offensive to another.

Think about their role:
Consider their position and daily tasks. A notebook like "Brilliant ideas I'll never act on" is perfect for someone who's full of unrealized dreams and ideas.

Customize it:
Add a personal touch to make the gift even more special. At WTF Notebooks, it may seem like it's all about the right title, but you can also choose from various cover colors, inside pages, and even binding types to suit it perfectly to the recipient of the gag gift.

Wrapping up

Gag gifts and funny journals from WTF Notebooks are perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of humor to their day. Whether it's for a colleague, a friend, or yourself, these office gifts are sure to bring smiles and make work a little more enjoyable. Browse our collections today and find the perfect journal that speaks to you.

Visit WTF Notebooks for funny and unique journals that make great gifts to brighten someone's day and add some humor!

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