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WTF Notebooks | The living room and other places to visit in 2022
WTF Notebooks | Meetings that could have been emails
WTF Notebooks | My book for writing stuff and drawing penguins
WTF Notebooks | Evil plans and unicorn drawings
WTF Notebooks | Neighborhood gossip and other facts
WTF Notebooks | Arguments and conflicts I've had with myself
WTF Notebooks | List of items I found after my husband had a man-look
WTF Notebooks | List of fun things to do if the pandemic ever ends
WTF Notebooks | Existential thoughts I had while in the bathtub
WTF Notebooks | List of people who have wasted my time
WTF Notebooks | Reasons why I mix my coffee with whiskey
WTF Notebooks | Mondays and other things I've come to like since retirement

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Valerie J

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Wild Child

WTF Notebooks | Words and phrases I keep mispeling
WTF Notebooks | Things my husband doesn't know
WTF Notebooks | My archive of flying fucks I don't give
WTF Notebooks | Doodles I drew during important work meetings
WTF Notebooks | Shit I have to write down because I’m old
WTF Notebooks | My book to write in to appear busy

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WTF Notebooks | Reasons why I should never be put on speakerphone
WTF Notebooks | Reasons I want to speak to the manager
WTF Notebooks | Useless stuff to overthink
WTF Notebooks | Great ideas for spilling beer on
WTF Notebooks | Shit my kids say
WTF Notebooks | Brilliant ideas I had while drinking bourbon


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WTF Notebooks | Random thoughts and other notes I'll turn into a book one day
WTF Notebooks | Reasons I’m day drinking
WTF Notebooks | Songs stuck in my head on repeat
WTF Notebooks | Grocery lists and plans for world domination
WTF Notebooks | My plans to take over the world
WTF Notebooks | Fucking brilliant ideas

"Great quality, love that you can have some level of customization with your notebooks, super funny, I just love them"

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