WTF Notebooks: The perfect funny gift for any occasion

WTF Notebooks: The Perfect Funny Gift For Holidays, Birthdays And Anniversaries

We don’t know about you—but finding the right gift for someone is sometimes really stressful! It needs to be something more personal than a box of chocolates, but not so personal that it’s verging on awkward. Yikes!  

And then of course you want them to actually use it and get joy from receiving it, because, well, that’s the whole point of a gift, right? So if you’re after a funny gift idea for friends, or perhaps an inappropriate gift for your co-workers, we think we’ve got you sorted. 

WTF Notebooks are practical

The last place you want a gift to end up is the back of someone’s wardrobe, a place where the lonely lost socks live next to the dust bunnies—and we can pretty much guarantee that would never happen with a WTF Notebook. 

They are not only an entertaining and funny gift, but they are also very useful! From shopping lists, to brainstorming, work to-dos, doodling, collecting random thoughts and compiling a list of people you want to punch in the face, there’s just something so satisfying about putting pen to paper. 

WTF Notebooks are personal (but not awkward)     

Sorry, but lacy lingerie for a work friend is not okay.

One of the coolest parts about WTF Notebooks is that you can choose one that you know the person will like (in their favorite color too! How sweet.) So if they are a cat lover, perhaps they would enjoy jotting down all the times their cat was a real jerk. Or if they are a bit of a ‘Karen’, you could help them to compile a list of reasons they want to speak to the manager

From Extra Saucy, to Ruuude and a range of safe and innocent notebook titles, you’re sure to find something that makes you go ‘Oh! That is so Derek’ (or Nigel, or Sarah, or Jessica).

WTF Notebooks are personal gifts

WTF Notebooks are great for any occasion

Need a funny gift idea for Christmas? Done. Need a rude birthday gift? Done. A funny, dirty anniversary gift? Easy! A WTF Notebook works for any kind of occasion, from retirement celebrations to colleague farewells, to bar mitzvahs to ... ‘just because’. Being able to choose something that you know they will get a giggle out of is also a win-win—far better than some old boring, generic notebook with a picture of a kitten on it (no disrespect to kittens though).  

They are also ideal for showing appreciation to your staff, whether someone has achieved a work milestone, or for team building days. There’s bundle deals available which means the more you buy, the more you save! Woohoo. 

So, what are you waiting for?  

It's time to get yourself a WTF Notebook so you can write down all the people you can buy notebooks for. 

Then, shop WTF Notebooks for your friends, family, workmates and neighbours. And don’t forget your friendly delivery driver who brings you all the notebooks! They definitely deserve one too.

WTF Notebooks USA in production


If not, browse around our categories of funny gift ideas for any occasion—you'll be guaranteed to find at least one suitable WTF Notebook for the recipient. And if you can't decide on a favorite, we also offer amazing Bundle Discounts to help you save $$ when you buy more.

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