WTF Notebooks: What Makes the Best Secret Santa Gift?

What Makes the Best Secret Santa Gift?

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? Wine, cheese, all the choccies you can manage, and of course… the dreaded Secret Santa gift exchange

While the concept behind Secret Santa may be all well and good, having to choose a gift can be torturous. Maybe you hardly know the recipient whose name you drew at the work exchange. Maybe you want to find the perfect gift but are overthinking it. Or maybe you’re a regular Scrooge that’s bah-humbugging your way through the holiday season.  

Whatever the reason Secret Santa is stressing you out — we get it, and we’ve got you. Pour yourself a glass of something festive, pull up a chair and read these tips for finding the perfect Secret Santa gift.

#1 Budget-friendly

Most Secret Santa gift exchanges come with strict guidelines on budget, which at least helps steer you in the right direction. Or, if you work with sadists, it might just be left open-ended, leaving you in limbo. 

Underspend and you’ll look like a cheapskate, but overspend and you’ll make everyone else feel bad. Your best bet is to look for gifts that fall within the $15 to 25 range, which strikes the perfect balance between the two.  

#2 Practical(ish)

No one likes receiving novelty gifts that have no real use. On the other hand, practical gifts are a bit of a downer. 

So, look for gifts that are thoughtful and playful, with a touch of practicality. Your gift doesn’t have to become an integral part of the recipient's life, but it’s nice knowing they’ll use it long after Christmas has passed.

#3 Anonymous

If you’re the type of person that prides themselves on finding the perfect, elaborate gift for friends and family, this is not that. Remember that Secret Santa gifts should be anonymous, so don’t immediately give the game away by choosing an in-joke present or one that references something from their 3rd birthday. 

#4 Not Too Anonymous

While an anonymous gift is all well and good, you don’t want the gift to be totally generic. Aim for the middle of the road, with a few details that give your gift a personal touch. You could buy something in their favorite color, or something that aligns with their sense of humor.

#5 Not Christmas Themed

Finally, despite it being a Christmas gift, it doesn’t (and really shouldn’t be) Christmas-themed.

Sure, it’s easy to find an ornament or festive knick knack that fits all the categories above this time of year, but it won’t be used much beyond December and, to be honest, is an easy cop-out. Instead, get something your recipient can enjoy year-round.

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