What does WTF mean? WTF Notebooks

What Does WTF Stand For?

W. T. F. — An abbreviation wildly used online, in texts and even in today's modern spoken language. In most use cases you don't need to be a professional linguist to figure out its meaning.

Here at WTF Notebooks, we love a good word play, and we can't get enough of ambiguous and equivocal expressions. After all, many of our very own inappropriate journal titles feature some of the best double entendres.

But if this now leaves you wondering what the 'WTF' in WTF Notebooks stands for, keep on reading and see if you can guess the meaning.


Water The Flowers Notebooks

Very creative, but not even close! Try again.

What does WTF stand for? Water the flowers


Whack The Flamingo Notebooks

Absolutely not! What did the poor flamingos do to deserve that?

What does WTF stand for? Whack the flamingo


Why The Face? Notebooks

*wrong answer buzzer sound* – you'll have to try a little harder than that.

What does WTF stand for? Why the face?


Worse Than Failure Notebooks

Outch, that hit hard. But we forgive you. What else you got?

What does WTF stand for? Worse than failure


Where's The Food? Notebooks

We do have some great titles that would make a great and funny recipe book. Unfortunately this is still not correct.

What does WTF stand for? Where's the food?


Went To France Notebooks

Oui, WTF Notebooks UK does ship to France, but non, that's not what we're looking for. 

What does WTF stand for? Went to France


Welcome To Finland Notebooks

Yes, the Finns too can get their hands on some funny stationery printed in Europe, but we're still no closer to the answer.

What does WTF stand for? Welcome to Finland


Well, That's Funny Notebooks

Nice one, our notebooks definitely are crazy funny. But think a little less ... appropriate.

What does WTF stand for? Well, that's funny


Wax The Freeway Notebooks

Now, that's just strange. What's next? Vacuum the backyard?

What does WTF stand for? Wax the Freeway


Wednesday Thursday Friday Notebooks

Cute and obvious, but still not a winner.

What does WTF stand for? Wednesday Thursday Friday


Wrap The Frog Notebooks

Leave those frogs alone! Geez, what's with all the animal abuse?

What does WTF stand for? Wrap the frog


Wrinklier Than Frida Notebooks

Good burn there, but sorry, we're still way off.

What does WTF stand for? Wrinklier than Frida


Why The Fruitcake? Notebooks

Why not, is the real question?

What does WTF stand for? Why the fruitcake?


Wiggle That Flagpole Notebooks

Oh okay, almost as naughty as some of our saucy adult notebooks—but still not the right answer.

What does WTF stand for? Wiggle that flagpole


Wipe The Floor Notebooks

Now you're way off! Try again.

What does WTF stand for? Wipe the floor


Way To Fall Notebooks

I'm noticing a story line here. Did someone slip on the wet floor?

What does WTF stand for? Way to fall


Wet Thundering Fart Notebooks

Ew, gross! And completely wrong.

What does WTF stand for? Wet thundering fart


Wait Till Friday Notebooks

Still not right, but this is very close to our weekly #WhatTheFriday post series on social media.

What does WTF stand for? Wait till Friday


Wendy The Florist Notebooks

We're talking notebooks, not flowers. Remember?

What does WTF stand for? Wendy the Florist


Wings To Fry Notebooks

Mmh, chicken wings.

What does WTF stand for? Wings to fry


Work Till Finished Notebooks

I agree. We're done here!

What does WTF stand for? Work till finished

So WTF does it mean?

If you came here to find the actual meaning of the abbreviation in WTF Notebooks, we're sorry to disappoint you: The truth is that we we don't know it either. But with this list we've just proven that there's no limit to what it could mean—and we think that anyone browsing our inappropriate, awkward and painfully honest notebook titles will be able to make their own guess about what it could mean. So go on, start browsing!

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