This Artist's Comics Are The Definition Of Silly (And We Love It)

If you know one thing about WTF Notebooks, it's probably that we love weirdness and sarcasm. On the hunt for like-minded people we recently came across this artist, who's comics are the definition of silly β€” and we can't stop browsing through his Instagram.

German cartoonist Joseph Nowak, who goes by the Instagram handle @nowakdraws, has been drawing silly single-panel comics since 2012. He shares his giant selection of comics on Instagram and Twitter but also offers custom illustrative services, as well as prints for purchase on his website.

Here are 30 of our most favorite Nowak comics β€” each one better then the other.


A Picasso, in the most literal of all senses


No shirt, no shoes, no service


That's a really angry octopus


He tried, mother ET, he tried


A child's imagination


Ehm, excuse me, I'm busy


Beep boop beep beep


I need some of those


Paper, scissors, rock


In an alternate reality


This happens every time


Photoshop in the 16th century


Looking to get high?


We don't want to be spotted


Getting out od bed for Dummies


An important moment in human evolution


Hmm, number two scent


Worst seats in the house

Your kind of humor?

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