WTF Notebooks: The Perfect Gift for Christmas, Hanukkah and Birthdays

“The Perfect Gift”: What People Are Saying About Gifting WTF Notebooks

When it comes to gifting—whether it be a birthday present, a holiday gift such as for Christmas or Hanukkah, or even ‘just because’—most of us have a clear list of requirements the gift must meet. That list may not be long, but it can make the difference between a winning and a flopping gift.

WTF Notebooks: My list of things I was right about

#1 The gift must be relevant

Probably the most important factor of any gift is that it’s relevant to the recipient. A bottle of wine for someone who doesn’t drink? No, thanks. A White Sox jersey for a Rangers fan? That’s just rude!

If relevance is key, that’s exactly what you’ll get at WTF Notebooks. “So unique and great selections of titles,” says Maureen P from the US in her Trustpilot review. And she’s not wrong: When browsing WTF Notebooks you have the choice of hundreds of funny notebook titles, ranging from safe & innocent, to bold & sassy, to downright inappropriate gifts.

As we like to say (with good reason): There’s at least one notebook titles for everyone, and our customers agree: “I give them as gifts because I can find one that suits everyone I know,” says Lynn M (US). Or as another customer (Mrs Pile, UK) put it in her review: “Hilarious book titles – each one able to be perfectly chosen for each recipient.”

Now, you may be asking: What if the recipient doesn’t use notebooks? Well, that bring us to point number 2 on our list:

WTF Notebooks: Meeting notes and other boring shit

#2 The gift must be useful

A useless novelty present is usually just as unwelcome as an irrelevant one. What’s the point of a gift if it’s just shoved into a box in the attic, never to be seen again?

Well, this is another box WTF Notebooks tick: “I love giving gifts that are useful, and won't just sit around collecting dust, so these are perfect”, says one US customer (MLR) on Trustpilot.

And if the recipient of your gift doesn’t usually use notebooks, think again.

In fact, few people nowadays really ‘use’ a notebook regularly. But the majority of us will ‘need’ a notebook occasionally. Whether it be for grocery lists, to remember an idea, or to jot down phone numbers, dates, measurements or other notes. Those are the moments anyone will be happy if there’s a notebook floating around the house somewhere.

Or in the words of Christine W from the UK: “[…] there is always a reason to purchase a notebook.”

WTF Notebooks: My hopeless attempts at adulting

#3 The gift must bring joy

Remember the time when your grandparents gave you a pair of socks for the holidays? Yeah, that’s what a joyless gift looks like. Sure, it’s a useful present, no doubt about that. But we’ve never seen anyone get excited over a pair of socks, have you?

What people do get excited about is WTF Notebooks: Sarah B from the UK found our titles to be “clever, wickedly funny, joyous, quirky and glorious”. And she’s not the only one who appreciates the joy they bring. Debra M from the US told us in her Trustpilot review: “My husband journals every day. I purchased these notebooks for his birthday last year. He loved the titles and got a huge laugh out of them.”

To summarize, the “perfect gift” needs to be relevant to the recipient, it shouldn’t end up as a dust collector, and it needs to bring joy. Mix these three ingredients together, and you’ll be sure to have a winning present for any birthday or holiday.

Our recommendation: WTF Notebooks. Duh!

You've heard it from our customers: WTF Notebooks make the perfect gift for any recipient. See for yourself and browse our huge library of hilarious notebook titles to find one relevant to your gift recipient.

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