WTF Notebooks: How To Take Life Less Seriously

How To Take Life Less Seriously

Between work, life and family commitments, adult life can be a real PITA. From your kid crying over their second bowl of spilled cereal to your boss hounding you about that assignment that has been keeping you up at night, stress is around every corner. 

Let’s face it, in life, there are an awful lot of joy-sucking situations just waiting to bring you down. But, there are also moments of wonder, excitement and hilarity if your mind is open to them. 

No matter how overwhelming the humdrum of daily life can be, there are plenty of silver linings — ways to take life less seriously. 

We’ve pulled together five to get you started. 

WTF Notebooks: Good friends

1) Find good friends

Finding a community of people that share your interests can be an amazing outlet for re-energizing your life when it all feels a bit too much. Whether that means venting to your brunch friends over Saturday morning mimosas or releasing your pent-up frustration with a game of football, social interaction is great for the soul. 

Struggling to find your tribe? Try volunteering with a community group that allows you to do good while focusing on others.

WTF Notebooks: Be positive

2) Focus on the positive

It may not seem obvious when you’re in the middle of a stressful situation, but there is almost always something we can learn from or appreciate about any given event. When you’re feeling weighed down by stress, try to find something positive to focus on.

Maybe you’ve taken on too much work, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, but that overtime pay is going to be a game-changer. Or perhaps you’ve gotten a flat tire and have to walk home — well, at least you got your exercise for the day! It may feel a little uncomfortable looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses at first, but this mind-shift can be transformative for your well-being.

3) Don’t compare

The old saying goes that comparison is the thief of joy — and we’d have to agree. Comparing is a natural human trait; we all do it. But when we start comparing ourselves to others in a way that breeds jealousy and resentment, we need to draw the line.

It’s easy to look at a neighbor’s house, car, or ridiculously sculpted body and get jealous of what they have, but doing so will just make you miserable. If you catch yourself making unhelpful comparisons, shift your focus to your own goals and the ways you’d like to improve yourself.

WTF Notebooks: Laugh out loud

4) Laugh loud and often

They say that laughter is the best medicine — although Alexander Fleming may beg to differ. While it may not cure your seasonal allergies or fight off infection, laughter can indeed be a great way to stress, making it the perfect tool for taking life less seriously.

According to research, laughing has some serious stress-relieving properties. In the short term, it can stimulate your organs, increase endorphins, and aid in muscle relaxation. In the long term, it can improve your mood, relieve pain, and may even aid your immunity. So, next time you’re feeling down, throw on your favorite comedy show and laugh like no-one’s listening.

5) Focus on the bigger picture

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of everyday life. But how many of last year’s problems still worry you today? Exactly. When life feels like it’s closing in, ask yourself, “will this situation matter in a week/month/year?”

By focusing on the bigger picture, we can allow ourselves to let the little things slide more easily.

Why so serious?

Life isn’t always sunshine and roses, but there are always more positives than negatives if you allow yourself to look for them. A great way to start is by noting down one thing you’re thankful for each day in a gratitude journal. Any plain notebook will do, but for an added boost of happiness, why not use a WTF Notebook?

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