Custom notebooks to add to your gift basket these Easter holidays

Easter gift baskets aren’t just for kids—they are a clever way to surprise friends, family, staff or clients for the holidays. From chocolates and Easter eggs to meaningful gifts that match the receiver’s personality, with a little creativity and thoughtfulness Easter hampers can really show off your gift giving abilities. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love receiving a bucket (or basket) load full of goodies?

When it comes to gifts that reflect the recipient’s interests and personality, WTF Notebooks is a great place to get that one special, impactful present. Our range of relatable paper journals aren’t just outright entertaining, they are also useful and won’t be trashed by Easter Monday.

To guide you through our range of more than 100 funny notebook titles we’ve compiled the top twelve WTF Notebooks we believe make the best Easter presents in 2021—all customizable and available as soft and hard cover books.

For friends and family

We all have that one friend or family member who’s fluent in sarcasm. For them, a scented candle or boring old coffee mug isn’t going to cut it when it comes to Easter presents. Show them how well you really know them with a WTF Notebook that plays on their character, interests or an insider joke.

Start with these four book titles but be sure to browse our entire range of journals to find the one that best suits the receiver.

For staff and work colleagues

Customers tell us time and time again: Office staff love WTF Notebooks. Why? Because no matter how many note taking apps and programs you have installed on your devices, nothing beats handwriting notes or scribbling down an idea in a physical paper notebook. And a funny title helps to cultivate a positive and motivating work environment.

Get started with these WTF Notebooks ideal for office teams and co-workers, and make sure you also browse our NSFW notebooks collection.

For business customers

You might be wondering how WTF Notebooks are appropriate gifts for your business clients. You see, while a level of seriousness in the corporate world helps to move your business forward, it’s never wrong to have a bit of fun. Especially around holidays clients love an entertaining but thoughtful present that they will actually find use for.

Check out our sweet Bundle Discounts and give you business customers an Easter gift they’ll giggle about for a long time.

Couldn't find the right match?

There's a lot more where these came from! Make sure to browse through our entire range of hilarious notebooks and journals and give an Easter gift that'll make 'em laugh:

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