Color Psychology: The Meaning And Symbolism Of 15 Colors

Color has long been known to be a powerful communication tool. Without the use of words, the choice of color of your clothing alone can signal certain characteristics and traits to other people, and even influence psychological reactions.

The same is true when it comes to your choice of cover color for your WTF Notebooks. But what does each of them symbolize, and what does your selection say about you?

Here are some of the most prominent characteristics of the 15 cover colors we have available for our funny notebooks. Plus, we’ve matched each color with a couple of suitable notebook titles you might like:

Color psychology: Red


It’s no surprise that the color red symbolizes passion and confidence, but did you know it also represents motivation and courage? Red is also a very energetic color that promotes action and strength.

A red cover works well for punchy, confident WTF Notebook titles such as “My most inappropriate thoughts” or “My archive of flying fucks I don’t give”.

Color psychology: Pink


Pink is considered a rather feminine color and symbolizes love, compassion, and sympathy. This playful color represents intuition with a touch of vitality.

When choosing a color for your WTF Notebook, pink works well for sassy notebook titles like “Evil plans and unicorn drawings” and “Brilliant ideas I’ll never act on”.

Color psychology: Orange


No other word rhymes with ‘orange’ but there are a number of words that are associated with this color: Optimism, positivity and youth are just some of the characteristics of orange. It also represents good communication, encouragement and creativity.

If you’re choosing a positive notebook title such as “My plans to take over the world” or something witty like “Shit my kids say”, orange is a great color choice! 

Color psychology: Honey


Slightly richer than yellow, the honey color signals happiness, inspiration and a high intellect. Because it isn’t as bright as yellow, it’s also a warm color that symbolizes clarification and optimism, alongside creative thinking.

A honey colored WTF Notebook is best titled something inspiring and energetic such as “Brainstorming and shit” or “My survival plans for the apocalypse”.

Color psychology: Merlot


A color with the name of wine is bound to represent intensity, passion and sophistication. It can also feel ambitious, powerful, and even a little intimidating at times. What’s more, merlot stands for understanding and reassurance.

Merlot is a great choice of book title related to wine, such as “Brilliant ideas I had while drinking wine” but also journal titles like “Things I need to get done but probably won’t”.

Color psychology: Purple


A very spiritual color, purple represents mystery and imagination. Purple is a very encouraging and uplifting color and often also symbolizes compassion and wisdom.

On a WTF Notebook, choose purple for journals titled “My deepest, darkest secrets and desires” or something less mysterious, such as “Poetry and other shit my brain comes up with”.

Color psychology: Violet


Closely related to purple, violet moves away from spirituality, slightly closer to sensitivity and consideration. This color symbolizes balance and can spark creativity.

A violet book cover works best for creative notebook titles: “Doodles I drew during important work meetings” or “Grocery lists and plans for world domination” are fantastic choices.

Color psychology: Navy


Navy is a rather masculine color. It symbolizes loyalty and trust—but also confidence, reliability and success. Navy is a rather masculine color tone, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work for women.

This authoritative color will look great on WTF Notebooks with bold statements, such as “List of people who have wasted my time” and “Unsolicited advice I kept for posterity”.

Color psychology: Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Not as dark as navy, but still a little heavy, dark blue is a reassuring color. It’s calm and empathetic, and symbolizes dependability, reliability but also tranquility and selflessness.

Choose dark blue as your cover color for tongue-in-cheek WTF Notebooks: For instance, “My book for writing stuff and drawing penguins” and “Times I was right and nobody listened”.

Color psychology: Blue


Slightly more corporate, blue stands for confidence, honesty and trust. It’s also a very supportive color that give a feeling of protection, making it a great color choice for businesses.

Blue is a great choice for work notebooks, including funny corporate gifts or staff appreciation gifts. WTF Notebook titles most suitable with blue are “Meetings that could have been emails” or if you’re known for a wicked sense of humour: “Meeting notes and other boring shit”.

Color psychology: Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Going even brighter, sky blue is a sign of vitality and coolness. Just like a crisp, cloudless sky, this very open-minded color represents harmony and calmness. It’s also often associated with high mental intelligence and peace of mind.

A sky blue cover color works well with clever and confident (but still funny) WTF Notebook titles—“Shit I have to write down because I’m old” and “Things I would like to say but that will get me sued”.

Color psychology: Turquoise


Turquoise has the ability to give a boost of positive mental energy, creating a feel of balance and clarity. It symbolizes open communication and compassion, but also stability and a strong mind.

Turquoise covers work best on WTF Notebooks that represent strong-mindedness such as “Reasons why I think that this meeting is bullshit” or our bestseller “My list of things I was right about”.

Color psychology: Emerald


This harmonic color symbolizes refreshment and renewal. Emerald is also known to give you the feeling of balance and inner peace, as well as relaxation.

Great notebook titles on an emerald colored cover include “Useless stuff to overthink” and “Things I can’t say out loud”.

Color psychology: Green


The colour of nature: It’s not surprising that green stands for growth, health and revitalisation. But did you know that green is also associated with generosity? In many parts of the world this inspiring color also stands for luck and prosperity.

Green as a cover color works for almost any WTF Notebook, but it’s especially suitable for Christmas-themed titles such as “Reasons why I will be on the naughty list this year” or something more witty such as “Inspirational bullshit”.

Color psychology: Forest


Lastly, a darker tone of green: Forest green. This natural color balances our emotions and leaves us feeling safe and secure. It also symbolizes growth, fertility and hope.

Forest green might be the most obvious choice of cover color for our bestseller “My list of bodies I buried in the woods” but it also works well for WTF Notebooks to write important information into, such as “Shit I have to remember”.

What color are you?

People come in all shapes and sizes—not every color resonates the same with everyone. That's why we leave the choice of journal color up to you! Choose from hundreds of titles, then pick from 15 different colors and make your WTF Notebook unique!

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