35 Funny Kids' Drawings That Are Unintentionally Inappropriate

Art is in the eye of the beholder. This is especially true when it comes to children's art.

Because unfortunately (or shall we say fortunately?) to the amusement of us grown-ups, kids' art can sometimes portrait unintended scenes and objects. Their innocence, combined with the vast imagination of a child's mind, can leave adults embarrassed or in tearful laughter.

From farting moms to disturbing dolphins—this collection of hilariously inappropriate and funny kids' drawings is pure adult entertainment.

#1 I love the beach

Beach! Who doesn't love the beach?!

#2 It's a "spider"

It's quite clearly an itsy-bitsy happy little spider dangling off its web. What did your dirty mind think it was?

#3 From Zombie to nightlife queen

From zombie to nightlife queen: Parenthood seems to take its toll on this mom in the mornings, but she appears to be a fun party queen at night.

#4 A special whistle

"The conductor blew a special whistle to thank him." — Sure, I guess, with enough imagination it does look like someone's blowing a ... whistle.

#5 It's all she does

There is nothing wrong with responsible wine consumption, especially on a #WineWednesday. But honestly, I'd be concerned if my kid came home from school with this drawing.

#6 Kids always tell the truth ... their truth

Okay, this surely raised some teacher's eyebrow. If your kid secretly thinks that your alcohol consumption is out of control, it may be time to hold back on the booze a little.

#7 Even when it doesn't smell nice

This isn't just an innocent drawing of one of the most natural things in the world. The original caption of this photo reads "My 5-year-old cousin's first drawing of her mum".

#8 I love my whole family

Need I say whore?

#9 The best cook ever

The young artist behind this drawing is either a prime example of pure innocence or a little genius who knew exactly what they were doing.

#10 I come in peace!

This is clearly Buzz Lightyear from 'Toy Story'. But I'm not sure about the reference to 'American Pie'.

#11 When I grow up...

"When I grow up I want to be like mommy!" — Selling snow shovels at Home Depot.

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#12 It's a Lighthouse. Obviously.

"I worked a kindergarten graduation service a couple of years ago where the kids drew their own programs. I had to save this one, obviously, it's a lighthouse"

#13 Well, what a lovely drawing of ...scissors

This is the kind of drawing you should keep hidden in a drawer until your kid's 21st birthday, and then see if she still thinks they are scissors.

#14 First day of Kindergarten

The proud parent of this artist captioned this photo: "My kid's drawing about her first day of kindergarten: Her teacher. It's pretty accurate"

Unknown Source

#15 Innocent or disturbing?

Ever since COVID, we definitely all know the importance of washing your hands. But this picture doesn't look as sanitary as the artist intended.

#16 Alien Abduction

"I found an old drawing my sister drew when she was little... of her sacrificing me to the Alien Gods"

#17 Whisper please

Please keep your voices down. And for goodness' sake, please stop that moaning sound.

Unknown Source

#18 Too soon

Gulp, a painfully honest greeting card for nana.

Unknown Source

#19 Cute... Dolphins

No, this isn't a dirty pool party. It's a Dolphinarium.

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#20 Mom mowing the lawns

"Draw a situation you recently watched", said the teacher before she regretted it.

#21 Whatever this is

We can't tell for sure but it may be a drawing of a monkey chewing on his own tail. That, or the result of a very disturbing imagination.

Unknown Source

#22 Can you think of more F words?

If 'fart' is the most badass F word you know, we recommend you do not look at WTF Notebooks' profanity category.

Unknown Source

#23 Unnecessary details

Although this lady seem very happy about the gift she's holding, we're unsure what the young artist tried to say with the detail between her legs.

#24 Daddy shaking hands with Santa Claus

When this picture was first published online, the caption read: "Friend of mine's kid drew this. He said it was 'Daddy shaking hands with Santa Claus'".

#25 Laser gun?

More unnecessary details ... or a cool laser gun.

Unknown Source

#26 In the mushroom field

It seems that an adult deemed it vital to label the fungus to avoid confusion. I'm not sure why they thought it was necessary—that's clearly mushrooms.

#27 Merry Christmas

This Santa Claus may be a little too excited for Christmas. I wonder if there are any WTF Notebooks in the Christmas gifts.

#28 Even Rudolph is excited

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows.

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#29 All the fish in the sea

When the proud parent of this artist posted the picture online, her caption read: "My son drew this last year in the kindergarden. It's supposed to be a fish with its tail out the bottom there."

#30 Happy Mother's Day

A beautiful example of how children's minds are so different from adults' minds: Kids look at this and say it's obviously a car.

#31 Animal drawing 101

The head at the top, a very long neck, connecting to the body below: That's how you draw a giraffe.

#32 Giraffe drawing advanced

Although slightly more advanced, this could be another giraffe or a painful STD.

#33 Fairy wings of course

"My son drew his sister. Those are fairy wings of course."

#34 Observance of a volcanic eruption

The pressure in this majestic volcano has been building up for quite some time, and it's about to go off.

Unknown Source

#35 A duck in the pond

So, we've got a little duck in a pond, surrounded by... uhm, mushr... where's the label on this one?

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