21 Photos Of Hilarious Santa Fails (And Wins)

Ah, Christmas. Tis’ the season we visit our local mall, place our horrified kids on an old man’s lap and ask them to smile for a picture that we’ll frame and cherish for years to come. Sounds... terrifying.

But for those who can look past the creep factor of this tradition, here are 21 hilarious Santa photos that didn't go quite to plan. From kids crying their lungs out to those badass youngsters who give the childhood trauma the finger—these Santa fails (and wins) will make you go 'ho ho ho'.

And if you stick around until the end of this list, there's an extra little creative photo series you don't want to miss.


How many kids can you spot in this photo?


Is that Santa's beard? Oh. It's a dog.


This is a childhood trauma captured on camera.

WTF Notebooks: Funny Christmas Santa Fails – awkward

Credit: Mums Lounge


When your local Santa is getting fragile and you're afraid you'll crush his legs.


This Santa has only got eyes for one thing.


I'm not sure which of them wants to be here less than the other.


Probably the most peaceful Santa photo in history.


The exact moment she escaped years of trauma therapy.


He didn't expect that.


"I said I didn't want to see Santa this year"


Hey Santa, I like your style.


"My friends and I got our picture taken with Santa."


Not today, Santa, not today.


The Santa photo op with the cats didn't quite go to plan.


What's worse than one crying child?


At least someone's having fun.

WTF Notebooks: Funny Christmas Santa Fails – the lads

Credit: Mums Lounge


"I hope you like the cold. I'm taking you home with me"


The solution to tearful Santa photos: Make the old man join in on the weeping.


Or even better yet: Get the parents in there as well, for that perfect family memory.

WTF Notebooks: Funny Christmas Santa Fails – crying family

Credit: Mums Lounge


Shush, sis, cut the drama.


When you let the whole thing get to your head.


"Past five years of mall Santa photos with my brothers"

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