20 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Can Be Real Jerks

We love them, but cats can sometimes be real jerks. From the classic walk on your computer keyboard to trying to suffocate their owners in their sleep—we found some of the best examples of selfish, rebellious kitties.

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#1: "Every time I straighten them, Stevie jumps up and 'fixes' them"

Source: mikenmar / reddit

#2: Well played, Allie, well played

Source: yeefi / Twitter

#3: When your cat thinks she has more rights than your other pets

Source: Unknown

#4: Lockdown – Day 6

Source: devofatherofchar / reddit

#5: Lockdown – Day 137

Source: meister2a / reddit

#6: This four-legged rebel didn't give a shit

Source: mars-is-green / reddit

#7: "Heard my husband screaming while in the shower..walked in on this"

Source: kenlayne / reddit

#8: "That time my cat was a real jerk and ruined my @wtfnotebooks by peeing on it while in my purse! What ironic perfection."

Source: tessasenf / Instagram

#9: None of your other pets are safe

Source: dumpaday.com

#10: Neither is your toddler

Source: _cingraham / Twitter

#11: Probably the worst thing that can happen in the morning when all you want is a coffee

Source: Unknown

#12: Correction, this is worse

Source: ExtensiveNegligence / reddit

#13: Is this where the expression 'Holy Shit' comes from?

Source: taloringer / cheezburger.com

#14: So you don't like my music taste, I get it

Source: tabbykattt / reddit

#15: It's hard to work with a cat around

Source: iamllamma / reddit

#16: They just don't know the difference between work and pleasure

Source: Pudd3000 / memedroid.com

#17: When your cat tried to suffocate you in your sleep

Source: boredpanda

#18: Plant Murderer!

Source: WonderWomanPhi / reddit

#19: She ain't joking

Source: meowingtons.com

#20: Being a jerk is exhausting. I'll take a nap ... in your salad.

Source: burritoworld / imgur

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