15 Memes to sum up how we all feel about Mondays

Monday—probably the least favorite day for most people. After a relaxing weekend Monday means going back to work, attending pointless meetings and pretending to have your shit together in front of your boss and co-workers.

While a large cup of coffee (with or without a shot) may help to ease the pain it just isn't enough most weeks. To help you make it through the day we’ve compiled some of the best Monday memes we could find, so get your dose of caffeine, relax and start your week with a laugh.

#1: Some Mondays I just want to cry

Source: India Today

#2: She's definitely got the Monday Blues

Source: Benjama / Steemit

#3: This seems accurate

Source: Weird Nut Daily

#4: So does this

Source: Twitter / avaalisebooks

#5: Monday morning meetings? Who's dumb idea was that?

Source: Saying Images

#6: Where in the hell did my weekend go?

Source: Pinterest

#7: When your weekend was rough

Source: Inspiration Feed

#8: Watch out! It's comin' atcha!

Source: Dummies Of The Year

#9: Don't answer!

Source: Twitter / spirithalloween

#10: Some are just lucky bastards

Source: Saying Images

#11: Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Source: Scroll Droll

#12: Will you survive the horror?

Source: Scoop Whoop

#13: Hey Monday, read between the lines

Source: Husnain Alston

#14: Even Mona Lisa can't escape the Monday Blues

Source: The Random Vibez

#15: And finally... some motivating words

Source: Fierce Gear OCR

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