14 Funny & Sassy Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is a time to shower your significant other in the kind of love they deserve.

And we’re sorry to say this, but while flower deliveries and heart-shaped chocolates are great and all, they just make you look a little lazy. This Valentine’s Day, why not go for something more creative — something personal but entertaining — like a funny, customizable journal from WTF Notebooks.

To help you get started, we’ve dug through our range of 200+ titles and compiled 14 hilarious (and sassy) titles that might perfectly describe your better half. Plus, check out the bonus at the end for the perfect couples’ Valentine’s Day gift.

Hilarious Valentine's Day gifts


Things I can put off until tomorrow

We all have those things that are better done tomorrow. If your partner is always way too ‘busy’ to take the trash out, this might be their perfect notebook to keep track of their household chores.

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Funny Valentine's Day gifts for him


Great ideas for spilling beer on

Does he (or she) like a cold brew? Then this customizable WTF Notebook might hold the ideal cover for your partner.

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Funny Valentine's Day gifts for him


Menopause and other things that get me heated

Oh, the sass! While this notebook may make you giggle right now, this Valentine’s Day gift might be the make-or-break of some relationships.

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Funny Valentine's Day gift for writers


Random thought and other notes I’ll turn into a book one day

This funny notebook title isn’t only for writers and book authors. It also makes a hilarious gift for those with a great imagination and plenty of stories to tell.

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Valentine's Day gift for parent


Dreams that got crushed when I had kids

We get it, you love your kids. But raising a family comes with sacrifices, and if your partner had to give up on their life-long dream of becoming a professional tap dancer, this might be just the right funny Valentine’s Day gift for them.

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Bourbon drinker: Valentine's Day gift


Brilliant ideas I had while drinking bourbon

For all the brilliant ideas your better half comes up with while sipping on a glass of bourbon, there is no better gag gift than this WTF Notebook.

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Wine drinker: Valentine's Day gift


My book for drinking wine and judging people

For some people, a glass of wine is an occasional treat. For others it’s a channel of scandal and gossip. Which one of them is your partner?

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Funny Valentine's Day gift for office worker


Meetings that could have been emails

“What’s the point of this meeting?” — If your partner works in an office we can guarantee that they’ve those exact words before. Customize this WTF Notebook for Valentine’s Day 2022.

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Weird Valentine's Day gift for him


Brilliant ideas I had while pooping

Sometimes the best ideas come to people while they do their business on the throne. If your significant other is one of those people, this is without a doubt their notebook to own.

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Funny Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Reasons I want to speak to the manager

You may have married a Karen (no offence to all Karen’s out there) but as long as she/he has a good sense of humor, this Valentine’s Day gift will turn any frown upside down.

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Insane Valentine's Day gift


Yoga, meditation and other ways to stay sane

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the overworked, close-to-burnout full-time parent. Our tip: Combine this gift with a spa voucher and give them a day off.

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Co-workers I want to punch in the face


List of times I found after my husband had a man-look

If your wife (or husband) is a professional in finding stuff you’ve lost, you’ve got to admit that this funny notebook title not only speaks the truth, but is also the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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Sassy Valentine's Day gift ideas


Grocery lists and plans for world domination

If you’re looking for a hilarious Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, who’s been secretly plotting world domination, you’ve just found it!

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Rude Valentine's Day Gifts


Reasons why I don’t play well with others

Your partner may have lots of reasons why they don’t play well with others. This 120 page notebook should suffice.

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Couples' Valentine's Day gifts


The perfect couples' gift for Valentine's Day

This sassy notebook combo makes the perfect couples’ gift for yourself and your Valentine. Customize both today with your favorite cover colors, binding types and inside pages.

Customize 'My list of things I was right about'Customize 'My list of things my wife was right about'

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