10 goofy pie charts we can all relate to

Mostly used in offices and work meetings, pie charts are a wonderful way to convey useful information in an easy to understand visual manner. But let's be honest, most pie charts we see contain financials, some business-related data or other boring information.

But take a look at these ten infographics, compiled by WTF Notebooks, conveying some much more interesting and relatable topics, topped with a little slice of humor. No pun intended.

#1: We all do this

#2: Pretty sure anyone who works in an office knows this problem

#3: Should you have wine tonight?

#4: This is actually deep

#5: Urgh, so is this

#6: It was a strange year

#7: This is the obvious answer

#8: How true is this?

#10: I'm giving up

Your kind of humor?

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