10 passive-aggressive office notes left by co-workers

From food thieves and dirty dishes to sharing a bathroom and handling complaints – it can be difficult to deal with your co-workers. Now, a passive-aggressive note may not be the answer but when executed with a little creativity it sure can be extremely entertaining.

We've scoured the internet and found 10 hilarious notes written by anonymous office workers to tell off their team members.

#1: When the food cans just aren't interested

Source: Reddit / jcravenw

#2: This one is deep

Source: Reddit / potato99

#3: There's a Debbie in every office

Source: Reddit / johnny0

#4: Fair point

Source: Reddit / jackofhearts94

#5: When your employment comes to and end and your colleagues are assholes

Source: Reddit / cocklesby

#6: Uh oh, Debbie!

Source: Reddit / SamuelFri

#7: Sorry, mom

Source: Reddit / tallyrue

#8: When your co-worker spends ages on the toilet

Source: Imgur

#9: Take a number

Source: Bored Panda

#10: Umm, Debbie. Enough is enough.

Source: Saying Images

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